Sunday, March 2, 2014

Top 3 10 inch-ish Android Tablet Comparison

Top 3 10 inch-ish tablets review and comparison. Google Nexus 10.2, Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, Samsung Galaxy 10.1 2014.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, (without ads) 16gig $394.00, 32gig $444.00, 64gig $494.00
Super fast? So people say for viewing the web.
Nice screen.
No expansion slot. Not a problem with fast internet to stream from, but keeping movies on the drive fills the 16 gig drive fast.
Locked into Amazon world. Means you have Prime movie access, but no Google Play. That means you will be missing tons of apps.

Nexus 10.2, Price unknown, but 10 1 is 16gig $399.00
There is a new Nexus 10 2 on the way for 2014. Should you wait?
The 10 has the best screen known. It will be beat if it has not already. But the 10 even has better resolution than top TVs.
The 10 is native naked Google Android. That means that customizing is promoted by Google. You can have fun and geek out with this.
The 10 does have limited memory with no expansion slot. HD movies play great, but you cannot access Amazon Prime movies without a work around. The Prime shopping works great however along with the music.
The 10 has a multi-user setup so that you and say the kids can share a tablet without them destroying your current setup of apps.
The 10 is my personal favorite due to the Google openness.

Samsung 10.1 2014, 32gig $549.50
The new 10.1 will have the S-pen. If you want a cool way to write, then this is it. However, I am all about the voice to text option. Pen writing is so 2008.
The 10.1 will boast the quad-core processor.
An up to 64 gig expansion slot is nice if you spend lots of time away from an internet connection and plan to watch HD movies kept on a drive.

The winner will depend on what you are looking for. All the tablets have various pluses and minuses. For me it is all about openness placing the Nexus 10.2 in front for me.